Incognito 3.0 OSINT Writeups

Kudos To My Team mates (jo,nashid,vyshak)


Des: Check out Equinox’s official handles

  1. Check twitter or their official site to get into the Instagram Post or
  2. Get Directly into Instagram!

few posts There, but we are at incognito CTF

Checkout The Comments!

That’s all

2.Who am I?


  1. username OSINT

Here we got Few Handles (Twitter and Instagram)

For Fun Lemme Run my Tool;


flag : ictf{easy_osint_:-)}
  • Rest of The challenges are related to this twitter handle

3. The Mission begins

Such a clean description ! Ever

So what ?, lets search it Ma!
  • using Google Filter tool we got the flag

flag : ictf{}


So Again Lets have a look at twitter Handle

Copy The coordinates , paste it in a google map

flag : ictf{50n3_f0und_m3}

Thats all





Just a CTFer | Ctftime @cyberpj | Student

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