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Tamilctf2021 Steganography writeup.

Tamilctf2021 link : https://exploiteverythingtamil.github.io/

challenge link: stegnanba

$whoami : I’m Paul Jeremiah 18/yo N00b, CTFer, 👨🏻‍💻

Challenge Name : Stegnanba

solution :

  1. The Given file is with the extension of “.jpg”.
  2. the $file says JPEG YES!

4. You can Get some comments and lots of information, Artist Tag looks weird nothing but base64 :).

  1. artist : dDRtMWw0bmQ0Cg== ok,


└─$ echo “dDRtMWw0bmQ0Cg==” | base64 -d

output: t4m1l4nd4

The challenge name is stegnanba :)

Stegnanba (steghide) is the hero here, not vanakam nanba! .

Steghide is a steganography program that allows you to hide confidential files inside an image or audio file with a passphrase


└─$ steghide extract -sf stegnanba.jpg

Enter the password: (t4m1l4nd4)

flag.txt is written by steghide successfully

> flag.txt contain double encoded base64 ; Lets Decrypt

We Got The Flag

Flag : TamilCTF{s73g_m3_p13453_3153_\I11_c4ll_vn}

That's all :)

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